Bel Pangburn

I take all kinds of photographs.


Editorial/Lifestyle. Capturing life in all its facets. I aim to bring something fresh — an unseen perspective; a new way of looking at the everyday; or maybe even something beautifully styled and captured with just the right touch. 

Weddings. I shoot weddings. In fact, I love them. So much emotion, so much pretty. But it's not the only thing I shoot, which is why when you entrust your big day to me, it won't look like everyone else's big day. Because, its not... and your images should be as unique as the two of you.

Portraits. In my humble opinion, the human face is the greatest subject there is. Whether its in the context of families, engagements, couples, headshots, and the list goes on... I LOVE to capture humanity. 

Birth. YES, you read that right. I capture live births. Is there a human experience that is more charged with raw emotion, a room that contains such pain and joy simultaneously? Don't worry, nothing gruesome, I'm all about the precious moments between husband and wife, the struggle of the labour, the very first meeting of mother and father with brand NEW child, and the sweet sweet moments that follow. For more information on that visit:

Travel. You could say I've caught the travel bug. And it bit me good. With camera in hand, exploring new and far off places — yes, that's the good life.